guerrillas girls gone gonzo

Featured image// ARTIST Guerrilla Girls , 1989 MEDIUM Screenprint on paper, DIMENSIONS Image: 280 x 710 mm, COLLECTION Tate Modern, ACQUISITION Purchased 2003, SOURCE


Since 1985 the Guerrilla Girls have been questioning and disrupting the art world. Comprised of an anonymous group of women, they ask important questions like, who’s work gets to be seen in art institutions and why? Despite over 30 years of advocating attention to the paucity of solo shows by women artists, discrimination in art institutions continues to prevail.

The Advantages Of Being A Woman Artist 1988 by Guerrilla Girls
ARTIST Guerrilla Girls, 1987 MEDIUM Screenprint on paper DIMENSIONS Image: 430 x 560 mm COLLECTION Tate Modern ACQUISITION Purchased 2003 SOURCE