instability of identity

Featured Image // ARTIST Mona Hatoum TITLE Over My Dead Body DATE 1988 DESCRIPTION signed and numbered ‘mona hatoum 5/6’ (on the reverse) MATERIALS Inkjet on PVC with grommets  SIZE 80½ x 120″ COLLECTION White Cube SOURCE

British-Palestinian artist Mona Hatoum’s work in the early 1980’s used video works and was preformed using her own body. In 1985, she recorded a video of herself walking through London with Doc Marten boots laced to her ankles. These artistic concepts eventually began to evolve to objects. Her works have often been interpreted based on her biography. Born in Beirut, her family had to escape after the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli war. She explores the instability of identity, politics, gender and the female body.

Performance Still 1985, 1995 by Mona Hatoum born 1952
ARTIST Mona Hatoum DESCRIPTION Performance Still DATE 1985, 1995 COLLECTION Presented by Tate Patrons 2012 SOURCE



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