Anatomy of a Deliberate Feminist

deliberately feminist

A/R/TOGRAPHY  “To be engaged in the practice of a/r/tography means to inquire in the world through an ongoing process of art making in any art form and writing not separate of illustrative of each other but interconnected and woven through each other to create additional and/or enhanced meanings. Art/o/graphical work is rendered through the methodological concept of continuity, living inquiry, openings, metaphor/metonymy, reverberations and excess which are enacted and presented/preformed when a relational aesthetic inquiry condition is envisioned as embodied understandings and exchanges between art and text, and between and among the broadly conceived identities of artist/researcher/teacher. A/r/tography is inherently about self as artist/researcher/teacher yet it is also social when groups of communities of a/r/tographers come together to engage in shared inquires, act as critical friends, articulate an evolution of research questions, and present their collective evocative/provocative works to others.” – Rita L. Irwin

During second-wave feminism, feminist art was often used as a platform to empower representations of women. The title of this work, Anatomy of a Deliberate Feminist, maps the cultural change of how the value, perceptions and status of women shifted during the second wave of feminism. Feminist art reclaimed control over representations of the female body and decided how the ‘male gaze’ would or would not apply. It is within body-politics that second-wave feminism and feminist art truly overlapped shedding patriarchal understandings of femininity.

The following feminist artists are featured on Anatomy of a Deliberate Feminist. For information for specific artworks/images click on an artist name.


Barbara Kruger

Cindy Sherman

Corita Kent

Guerilla Girls

Hannah Wilke

Judy Chicago

Linda Nochlin


Lynda Benglis

Mary Beth Edelson

Margaret Harrison

Miriam Schapiro

Mona Hatoum

Robert Mapplethorpe