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feminist art

Featured Image // ARTIST Miriam Schapiro TITLE Dollhouse DATE 1972 Size 79 3/4 x 82 x 8 1/2 in. MEDIUM wood and mixed media COLLECTION Smithsonian American Art Museum SOURCE americanart.si.edu

Canadian -born, Miriam Schapiro is described as a pioneer of feminist art. She used elements of craft traditionally associated with “traditional women’s work” to emphasize the discrepancies between “low” and “high” art. Her artworks highlighted the omission of female artists from art history and provided a foundation for future feminist art.

“I wanted to validate the traditional activities of women, to connect myself with the unknown women artists who made quilts, who had done the invisible ‘woman’s work’ of civilization. I wanted to acknowledge them, to honour them.” -Miriam Schapiro

Dollhouse was part of an installation titled Womanhouse in collaboration with the Feminist Art Program in 1972. Inspired by her friend and fellow activist and feminist artist, Judy Chicago, Dollhouse explored women’s domestic identities throughout the confines of each room.