deliberately feminist

the sixties

The success of Betty Friedan’s 1963 book The Feminine Mystique acted as a catalyst for the second-wave of feminism to burn a hole through politics, culture, and society for the coming 20 years. With the introduction of contraception, sexual freedom takes hold of women in North American and Europe setting the stage for a Sexual Revolution. Body positivity and confidence lead to women finding their voice to ally together through conscious raising groups, holding protests in support of women’s and civil rights. Women’s liberation groups rallied, marched and held sit-ins.

Women’s Liberation group marches in protest in support of Black Panther Party, New Haven, November, 1969. David Fenton/Getty Images
American feminist, journalist and political activist, Gloria Steinem (left) with art collector Ethel Scull and feminist writer Betty Friedan (lower right) at a Women’s Liberation meeting at the home of Ethel and Robert Scull, Easthampton, Long Island, New York, 8th August 1970. Tim Boxer/Getty Images

In popular culture, Julia Child surpassed male chefs to be the face of French cooking and Twiggy minimized hemlines to embrace the mini skirt. Fighting for reproductive freedom and fair practices in the workplace culminated in 1969 when Bowie’s Space Oddity exploded 5 days ahead of the Apollo 11 launch.